Communicate with your contacts, sharing opinions and ideas. Interact with your customers by doing polls, prize draws and polls. Get real-time feedback from your contacts on the Direct100 platform by assigning a number associated with your profile.

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Inbound SMS Marketing offers a high quality interaction, allowing you to create a direct link between your company and your customers. For example, you can submit offers in real time, ask to subscribe to newsletters and get new customers!

One SMS Marketing campaign provides the possibility of finding potential customers and retaining them ..

Key words

Mechanize communication with clients by setting up automatic responses to your messages.

New clients

Increase your customer base and increase your turnover.

Get to know your business identity

Customize communication using your company name as the message sender.

Real time

Responds in real time to customers without wasting time with automatic responses.

CRM Integration

Link CRM with Direct100 and get answers directly in the software!

Increase the sales

Interaction enables you to develop effective marketing campaigns that empower qualified leads.

How interaction works ...
Send in custom mode

Send personalized messages with the name of your campaign as the sender. Customers can respond to your messages using a number assigned by Direct100.

Get the answer in your account

Gets customer responses directly on the Direct100 platform. You can save contacts and answers for later review.

Automatically responds

You can set automatic SMS responses for each incoming message. Also, it is possible to send different responses based on the "keywords" included in the SMS received.


Free credit for sending .No credit card required.