Automate SMS, easily and cost-effectively integrating your CRM connection with Direct100 software. Enjoy the potential ofGateway SMS from Direct100 to send custom SMS.

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Our API integration

API integration enables two softwares to communicate with each other. This approach is chosen by millions of companies around the world, enabling automation and increased efficiency. By connecting to our API, you can perform massive SMS submissions directly from your management software.

Download the documentation to connect to our API

The API connection is made with HTTPS and supports most major programming languages. It's very simple! Click the button and download the documentation to enable API integration.

Integrates quickly

You can integrate your software with Direct100 using just a few lines of code. We support most major programming languages.

High quality

Affordable prices. Trust a quality service that ensures that your messages are delivered and reach their recipients.

Maximum Security

We protect your data to the highest standards (256bit SSL certificate). Your data is always secure.

Technical support

Our technical department is always at your disposal to help you solve quickly!

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